Three Months in Bangkok with Scott Blackmore
February 13 2015

There's comfort in routine. Wake up, drink a coffee, go to work, skate, shower, pub, beat, sleep and repeat. Routine means most days you know what you're in for. There are some days though where going about your routine sends you on a whole new journey, these are usually the best and worst memories you accumulate in life. Our mate Scotty got all the way to the skating part of his routine and then that routine got derailed by a rail which he accidentally smashed his John Thomas on. We waited for the morphine to kick in and told Scott it would be a good idea to document his hospital ordeal. The situation is still ongoing and as I write this Scott has not yet had his operation, the following is a discussion with him during the first few weeks after his injury.



Scott your a legend for doing this I'm watching some documentary about drag queens in New York in the early 90's when it's done I'll get stuck in to this with you guys.

Don't drag yourself away from that just yet.


Might as well get the balls rolling, how you feeling today mate?

Puns are adickting aren't they! I feel okay, just struggle to get comfortable all the time. Found a comfortable spot this morning so I made the most and set up camp for a few hours since it's so rare.


Not really sleeping then?

Last night I slept way more than I have since it happened which was like 5 hours, made me feel a lot better though.


Do you know exactly what's happened? They given you a specific diagnosis yet?

Well it was a little confusing and seemed to tell me what was happening usually after coming out of surgery or after giving me pain killers so it was either hard to grasp or I didn't give a shit at that moment in time. But basically from splitting a rail and not hitting any of the goods at all, there isn't a clear route from my bladder to the end of the d since I have basically ruined the route --/--


So did you just hit full weight on the donkey or saddle bags too?

Oh I hit none of the goodies at all, they're all in tact and got away Scott free. Although the d (trouser trout) has suffered since.


Did you know straight after that something had gone seriously wrong, or did you just grin and bear it?

Well because it happened to Colm (Sealy) what 3 months before? I had initial panic and then everyone else said come on that won't happen. So I chilled out and laughed and watched the clip back and checked the goodies and they were fine. So I sat down and took my skates off and as I stood back up.. I felt a feeling that I can't explain but I remember Colm saying bout it when he was telling my his story, so I checked the goods again in a panic and there it was, my male period.


Crazy!! So straight to A&E?

After climbing back over the school fence, a 15 min walk to the car, yeah.



How did it go explaining what happened in A&E? Always like Chinese whispers in there explaining a blade injury. When I explained splitting a rail in there it got put in the medical notes as "ice skates into a pole".

Well I just went in flies open with bloody underwear, not keeping any secrets. I just kept doing this motion indicating a rail with one finger and my legs with with the other two on the other hand and putting them together.


Picturing you doing that bottom right of the late night sign version of some shit tv show like Rude Tube. What did they do in A&E after your sign language explanation?

I waited rather impatiently half sat in a chair for like 10 mins. And then got seen by a variety of like 4 different nurses until I told them Colms story for them to take me straight to majors.


So did you have to go through a lot of pricking and prodding? You were in the hospital a while?

The day I went in I didn't get too much prodding apart from getting a tube put straight through my stomach and into my bladder after trying to get it through my d first and failing, and a lot of pain. Was in there for 4 days though.


Did they operate on you?

I got put to sleep so they could get a camera into my winky to see the damage and they ended up seeing the two ends of the urethra which I broke in half and managed to get a tube through both to align them. I have another operation in a month though.


Is the tube still in there? Did they do that so it starts to heal straight?

The tube is still in there, I don't really know, I feel like that could be a reason why but when I have my op they're taking skin from my mouth and wrapping it to the broken urethra and the tube that's in there, it will stay in for a bit after so it can heal around it.


That's fucking heavy stuff, skin graph! Do you think going through all this will change your approach to skating at all?

That's a good question and I don't know the answer until I put skates on I think. I mean my skating has been changing anyway with less rail and gap hammers so that's lucky. But I have been non stop thinking about blading and I saw a rail on the way home yesterday and thought about tricks on it so it's hard to say. I ain't going through that again though. No thanks.


Were you worried about all your bits working for the future if you wanted to start a family?

Yeah well all my bits should be alright as all the bits weren't touched, just the route from the bladder to the outside world that's fucked.



That photo is hard to look at.

That's tame!

Jesus man, backtracked with blood? Put me off my eggs that.

Sorry! Did like 3 bags of blood tho then I was clear again. Wasn't smooth either, had the bits in it.


That's brutal! Think that will do for photos.

Unless you want a pic of the penis tube...I have one.


Unless you want to put out blading's first dick pic?

I have a really close up shot which looks like a new born baby mole getting tube fed.


Hold onto the mole photos for the private collection.

Your loss.


So on a lighter note you did manage to chop together another great part since getting hurt. Is that all footage from this year?

All the hd footage is pretty recent, London footage was over nye. 2nd day Hangover blading haha but all the footage is pretty recent, all this winter. I just thought this way I can start fresh after 3/4 months out of blading, see what the difference is.


Any plans took keep yourself occupied in that time?

I have my sisters wedding coming up which I'm doing a reading for so I can spend some time finding the perfect text. We (DRC) are all working on the next vp, gonna be a good one! Got a few little personal design projects to be working on too so I have stuff to do. Also will be out filming the boys as soon as I feel comfortable and it warms up a bit, don't want a frozen piss bag strapped to my leg.


Is this the longest time out from skating you've had?

I'm pretty sure, I've never had something stop me from blading this long, while I was at uni I may have gone a couple months not blading or maybe when I was at camp America, but I don't think I've ever been 3 months without it.


Do you have a website or anything with your design work on? Good opportunity to get some new work up. has some stuff on it, but yeah you're right, it's a good time to give it that update it desperately needs. Just uni work on there now. Actually for work I'm going to be put forward to be Adobe certified in the summer so I know I need to massively nerd out to get that one. Good time to be injured I suppose.


Have you had to take much time off work?

I had nearly 2 weeks off from work, I went back Friday to meet with them and discuss how much I'll be back and how much I can do, I'll be back full time just taking it easy. I'm fairly slow moving and make noises when I get up and down like old people.


They been understanding about the whole situation? Is some of the time you're taking off having to be unpaid?

Yeah they're great, all paid leave and not pushing me into anything.


That's good, takes some of the stress out of the situation.

Yeah for sure they've been chill considering they must be rushed off their asses without me there.


How's the new vp (video practice 005) coming along, what sort of thing we in for this time?

Lots of rollerblading.


I've seen a sneak peek, that description doesn't do it justice but we'll move on.

To be honest I wouldn't even know how to explain it yet, I've been editing bits Harry's (Abel) been editing bits beans (Benjamin Woodcock) been editing bits all in separate time lines all completely different concepts so it will be exciting to put it all together when we have done all the bits.


I'm looking forward to that one, what I saw twisted my head. Think we're pretty much there mate. Dish out any thanks you owe to those that have helped save your pecker and we'll call it a day.

No ones saved the pecker! Apart from the doctors and that I guess, who I will say definitely aren't gentle! Other than that I wouldn't of been able to get through it so far sanely without my girlfriend who's been proper good! Harry has also been the best since the moment it happened! Right up until now basically helping me finish up the edit with his audio touch!


Thanks for doing this mate. Hope you have a speedy recovery, once that operations out the way we'll come visit.


Filmed by Harry Abel, Connaire Skerritt, Scott Palmer & Mark Worner
Edited by Scott Blackmore & Harry Abel

Photos by Scott Blackmore & Jess Deare
Text by Anthony Zinonos & Sam Currie