Elliot Stevens Interview
February 26 2013

Elliot Stevens

Elliot spent a good chunk of last year in the good old US of A with his girlfriend Emma. Whist out there he filmed two video parts and shot a magazine feature. We’ve put together some photos and a question and answer with Elliot to give you a little insight into his trip. - Sam


So mmeerrrrica’? you were gone a while, how long were you out there mate?

Yes it was a little while..we (me and my girlfriend) were there for 3 months in total. We went to LA for 2 and a half months and then flew to NYC for 2 weeks just before christmas. Definitely- hands down the best trip I’ve been on.


You cover some ground or stay mostly in LA?

We wanted to check out San Francisco and Las Vegas but we thought that could be something we do when we go back next time. I think just being in LA and then going to New York afterwards was going to be enough for one trip.


How’d you find filming with Brandon, you got a well impressive amount of footage in 9 days?

Ye Brandon is the man, we started off not really knowing what we were going to do and at the same time I was filming a 30:30 with the Haitian dudes but we just rolled with it and ended up getting quite a lot done with Brandon. I was probably skating like 3 to 4 days in the week. Sometimes we would go out like a big crew of us in the van, Malcolm, Dylan, Bina, Seba, Jona, Darst, Bucklew, Victor, Dean, Adam, Brandon and myself. Which was sick driving about LA and skating some ridiculous spots with a big crew of us but then towards the end of the 9 days of filming with Brandon he would come pick me up with miklo(brandon’s dog) we would just go skate some spots near his area.

I feel like they have it so good over there with the weather and the spots that filming is so much easier…I’ve actually been on a come down since getting back to the UK haha.



Did you play Brandon at FIFA or Foosball? Cheating bastard isn’t he?

Nah I didn’t get to beat him at FIFA haha…I’m joking I suck at computer games but no I didn’t get to play him.  I did watch Ricky Hatton Boxing on the T.V. He loved how everyone chants “Theres only ooonne Ricky Hatton!”


So you also managed to film a Haitian part and shoot a magazine feature with them?

Yes, that was really sick blading with those guys. They’re pretty productive. Managed to wrap up my 30:30 on the last day in L.A.. Got some nice shots for my interview with Brian Bina.

We’d travel about hitting up 2-3 areas each day we could get out but because I was doing other things whilst I was there 1 week before we left I still had to wrap up the thing I was filming with Brandon and I still had quite abit to film with the Haitian guys so for the last 4 days we just smashed it out.



What did you think of Death Gime Manor, I imagine some wild shit goes down under that roof?

On the first day we stayed at the manor I got to check out loads of footage that they’d been filming for the new video, drank a few “Highlife’s”  after being introduced to VONS.

The next morning I remember waking up and skating there box, whilst there next door neighbour was rippin bongs to Elton John “tiny dancer” which was quite weird but memorable.

They all smoke and drink quite alot. They all love to play music so usually someone is playing the guitar or the drums at some point of the day and if that’s not happening usually someone is making a fire in the back garden or destroying broomsticks to go on the fire haha but ye it was just like I was back at home chillin with the homies in England.


I saw A LOT of pictures of you with an empty plate in front of you, what were some of your favourite food spots?

Oh ma gaaad, the food was ridiculous. Honestly eating out could be a hobby. So many good places to eat out. Right by us in the Arts District there was this German hotdog place called Wurstkuche that did rattlesnake and crocodile hotdogs and some really good German beers. We ate at this other place called Artisan house which did the best eggs benedict I’ve ever had. On one of our first nights there we had a 40 slice pizza for $22 at the manor which was really good. Obviously there was a few Mexican places we tried but my favourite place was on one of the last nights we got a $3 veggie burrito which was hands down one of the best burritos I’ve had. So yeah I could go on for days but these are the ones I can think of right now.


It’s good being somewhere new but there’s always little things you miss about good ol’ blighty while abroad, what stuff were you craving the most from home?

Erm..not too much really, obviously my friends and family after not seeing them for so long but when your pretty much living the dream haha nah I’m joking. I managed to sneak my own teabags over though, so they lasted for a little while until I discovered that they do English breakfast tea in America anyway -so that was a waste of time.

I guess I missed hearing the English accent or just my family’s Boltonian accent but we skyped at least once a week so it was all good. I missed not being to get a hangover pasty from Gregs -that was definitely a dilemma. They have it pretty good over there though -so Gregs was a minor blow.


Off topic but am I right in saying you went out there on USD but since being home you’re now skating Xsjado, if so why the switch?

Yes that’s right- I mean I loved the USD thrones towards the end of skating them but I tried Victors Xsjados whilst I was in America and i liked the look of them, they just felt really light and i thought they were more suited to the style of how I skate so when i got back i hit Oli Bennet up and asked if it was a option I would like to change over to Xsjado considering that the two brands were still apart of the conference.

I feel like the image of the team and the branding is really sick and alot more what I’m about.


How did you find the blading cup?

The blading cup was one of the best blading events I’ve been to. The amount of people that turned out I was really juiced to be there and for my girlfriend to also be there with me to experience the whole weekend.

Jon Julio is hands down the fuckin man for organising the whole event, was good to see all the valo heads again and to watch CJ take the win. Glad to meet all of the rollerblading legends, and all the new homies we met that weekend.

Got drunk and saw Matty Watky and Nick Lomax for the first time in America which was good to see someone from England out there at the same time.

See the Strange Creatures premire at the Yost theatre (even though I was too drunk to remember most of it). 20 of us Craming into a motel. Smoking a giga joint on the Sunday. Aload of memories from one weekend definitely going to go this year if we’re around at the same time again.


While out there at all those famous spots that we grew up watching get caned in every major video, what was the most overwhelming “HE DID THAT HERE!!!??” moment?

There were too many spots like that, not just because they were solid to skate but just because your actually seeing it in person.

I was juiced when I saw the ledges that Feinberg does in the Mindgame video “words” where he does ‘makio’ down across on the kink wall rail to ‘back roy’ through a kink ledge and then goes into the side of a bus at the end. Obviously we had to go back and get a clip there.

Also managed to get a clip on a spot which is from that epic Dylan Rieder Gravis section which is one of my favourite clips from the 30:30 we filmed.


LA and New York are both places where it’s really easy to get in odd situations, got a good tale of something you got into that you definitely didn’t expect?

Too many events happened but obviously the things that were most crazy mostly whilst we were in L.A. Went to Long beach with Brandon and Liz to this Halloween event on this Haunted boat called the queen Mary. The Americans definitely go all out for Halloween!

We had out first Thanksgiving ever with all the Haitian dudes. Where we all cooked the most legit meal.

Probably the most Odd was when we were in L.A one of our friends Eshan came out who was shooting a Fashion video for River Island and they needed extras. So we went to the casting and they wanted to use us. When we turned up on the day we arrived at this mansion which use to belong to Frank Sinatra. It was the most ridiculous house i’ve ever been to. All different events had happened there over the years like Marilyn Monroe apparently shot her last ever photoshoot there and loads of other crazy shit.

Also whilst our friend was over we managed to go have a meal at this members club called Soho House where all A list Celebrities hang out. We had this amazing steak dinner overlooking the whole of L.A which was good enough in itself but on the way out we bumped into Pharrell Williams and he was nice enough to chat and get a picture with us all.


I’m sure you’ve already shown your gratitude to everyone that hooked things up for you while you were out there but it’s always nice to put it in writing so go for it…

Thanks firstly to Emmas parents and my parents for helping us out and supporting us. Thanks to all the Haitian dudes Malcom, Dylan, Bina, Darst, Seba, Jona, Thinh, Victor, Mike, Dean, Otto. Thanks to Brandon, Liz and Miklo for driving us about and showing us how to have a propper Halloween. Thanks to Eshan and Bubbz. Thanks to Nastaha and Chels. Thanks to Aurora and all of her friends and thanks to everyone else that helped us out or made our time more enjoyable whilst we were there. Cheers.


Thanks Elliot.


Photos by Brandon Negrete & Emma Dux

Elliot Stevens

Elliot Stevens

Brandon Negrete, Elliot Stevens

Elliot Stevens

Elliot Stevens

Elliot Stevens

Elliot Stevens

Elliot Stevens